7SEC. FUTURES© - CMF trends driven material translation service.



OMUUS is a technology design agency specializing in CMF design (colors, material technologies and finishes). Omuus experts have total of 190 years of experience in the technology industry, from research to production of award-winning products.


Over the years, we at OMUUS have analyzed the pain points of companies in product development, especially in technology industry CMF design. One of the key focus was to accelerate the product development by providing essential information and inspiration for both design, R&D and business.


Our +12 000-material sample library located in Helsinki offers the access to the materials for competitiveness and helps companies to make informative decisions on future product portfolio material technologies. Due the changing situation of Covid-19 we created a new digital service. This was the beginning of 7SEC. CMF Futures©.




Omuus new service called 7SEC. CMF Futures© is a guide to the technology landscape. It helps to steer your brand through the key trends and consumer insights, both global and China specific trends. Our service gives industry specific tools for companies to make informative decisions on future product portfolio material technologies. The goal of our service is to shorten your time-frame to access the materials for competitiveness.


7SEC. CMF Futures© service is created in co-creation model with industry experts, using survey method to define what type of service and tools would be supporting their work and strategies.

We are committed to the process of building a digital service that continually provides solutions for the located pain points and give inspiration to the product creation.

To best meet your needs also in the future, we invite you to provide your insights - welcome to join the co-creation. Average time spent with survey is 7minutes.



7SEC. CMF Futures© is about analyzing wide amount of data, analyzing into technology industry specific CMF trends and translating this with global material supplier’s solutions. Our trend reports will aim to deliver interactive CMF samples for multisensorial experience and easy implementation to your product portfolio. The CMF directions are created with material technology specific colors through the science of Applied Color Psychology to match technology industry.   




Global Senior Trend & CMF specialists

Material Technology Director, M.Sc.Tech.



Data matrix of consumer and technology trends, data sources from dozens of global statistic providers.


7SEC. Material library global suppliers

Textiles                       5.000 samples              30 suppliers

Plastics                       2.000 samples             40 suppliers

Metals                         1.000 samples              15 suppliers

Coatings                     750 samples                 25 suppliers

Glass and ceramics   80 samples                  5 suppliers

Other                           2.000 samples              30 suppliers


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