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Last updated: July, 2020


  1. The Scope & Legal Notice
  • Omuus Oy is a Finnish company, business ID: FI2386595-5,whose registered office is atValssimyllynkatu 21, 00920 Helsinki, The company can be contacted by email at info@omuus.com. 
  • CMF FUTURES © is a global service of Omuus (‘The Service’), which allows you an access to digital reports with data containing inspirational and actionable information about CMF (Colors, Materials, Finishes) design and material technology trends (‘digital report’) and, in addition, the opportunity to obtain digital report-based physical CMF samples (‘physical samples’), all accessible to you via web purchases.


Acceptance, access and support

  • To access the Service, it is required to accept these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy (linkki). If you do not accept these Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, please do not use the Service.
  • The Service is available via web shop: www.7sec-cmf.com.
  • To use the service, it is required to accept that there may be times with limited or no access to the Service due to events beyond our control and due to the service provider maintenance breaks.
  • For any problems to access or to use of the Service, please contact7sec@7sec-cmf.com.



  1. The Service
  • CMF FUTURES ©is a guide to the CMF design landscape, helping to steer your brand through the key trends and consumer insights. It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in product development in the consumer electronics industry.
  • The digital report analyses (Content) the tech industry specifically through the lens of the latest development and material technology opportunities in the tech industry. The platform consist of industry relevant statistics, visual case studies and easy-to-access infographics on the key technology trends that are transforming this rapidly changing market.
  • Digital report-based collections of the physical samples (Content) are created to introduce the material technologies and showcase the opportunities of the CMF design. Physical samples provides you the access to supplier information with curated material technologies to promote sales and speed to market.
  • All the Service contents such as digital reports and physical samples produced are one-off items, without item based upgrades. We reserve the rights to any updates to the Content.
  • You acknowledge that, in offering the Service, we refer to, and rely on, information, data and samples supplied by third parties. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or sensitivity of such information. You acknowledge that the links to other independent third-party websites and applications in the Service are not under our control, and we are not liable for third-party content or privacy policies.
  • You acknowledge that we are not liable for the suitability of the Service to your company purposes, or the interpretation of the Service content.


  1. Use Of the Service and the Content
  • The Service is for your inspiration and reference purposes only (Purpose). The Content is available as cloud based service.
  • Copying, downloading, modification, redistribution or otherwise transmitting any information or data of the Service is not permitted.
  • The purchase of CMF FUTURES © services does not grant the purchaser license or any other right for the third-party materials; samples or images.



  1. Physical samples
  • Omuus provides its samples in its original condition will perform in representing color, material and finish when used according the care instructions. Omuus provides no warranty for the material samples.
  • The service provides two types of physical samples; Material supplier samples and CMF look & feel reference samples. A physical CMF collection may include one or both types of samples.
  • Material supplier sample; is a physical sample from the global supplier network. It presents desired color, material or finish of aspirational CMF design. One sample may present only one of the attributes or combination of the attributes depending of the sample use case.
  • A sample may have been created in collaboration with the supplier or It may be a ready-made ‘catalogue’ sample.
  • Material supplier samples are produced by a raw material supplier or production partner. If you need support to translate the material to your product needs, please contact us info@omuus.com.
  • CMF look&feel reference sample; samples created by Omuus, with Omuus selected supplier, having a unique CMF look & feel.  Sample can be created from various materials and methods mimicking the aspirational material, color and finish.
  • Omuus CMF look& feel inspiration samples merge the color, material, finish and potential function as one combination.
  • Samples provides enhanced and simpler communication tool for e.g. multilayer CMF intent.
  • CMF look & feel reference samples can vary from static to functional demo samples. Following terms is applied for Omuus created samples; CMF inspiration sample is ‘look & feel demonstrator’ that is 'one off' model to mimic the desired look & feel. Sample may have not been made with the right material technology or by a mass production capable supplier. Omuus selected supplierchooses the applicable production methods for the specific appearance or a sample may have been created in a proto laboratory by Omuus.
  • CMF look & feel reference sample may present desired color, material and finish for an aspirational CMF design. One sample may present only one of the attributes or combination of the attributes. Sample is presenting the desired material look and/or feel only.


Physical Sample description

  • Physical samples are included with a Material description and Supplier information;
  • Material description; is a general Omuus curated description of the material type.
  • Description may include all or part of the following information:
Material properties on general level; technical and sensorial properties, material benefits and disadvantages and options for manufacturing process.
Basic description may include e.g.; material category, composition, format, size, thickness, color name.
Technical properties may include e.g.: fire, water and scratch resistance, weight and renewability.
Sensorial properties may include e.g.: glossiness, translucency, texture, hardness, temperature, sound and odor. 
Physical sample description does not include color measurement values.


  • Supplier information; Each material supplier sample (notOmuus look & feel reference sample) has raw material manufacturer and/or distributor name and contact details information, if available.


  • NOTE: Omuus takes no liability of the accuracy of the supplier’s information or the availability of material. For a selected material technology sample, we may have several alternatives as suppliers and will provide information on alternatives, however, a physical sample is provided from only one alternative supplier (sample availability).


Physical sample handling with care; general instructions:

  • Use gloves when handling the samples. The transmission of oil from the skin changes the sample color and finish.
  • Keep the samples away from sunlight and keep the samples in a cool and dry place that is stable in temperature / humidity. The quality / color will change if samples are in contact with sun / heat / humidity.


  • NOTE: sample materials and finishes may be fragile and may break easily if handled roughly or dropped.


Physical samples do not have warranty

  • The sample delivery is reference samples by its original condition. Omuus takes no liability of the third-party sample quality.


Digital vs physical sample presentation 

  • Colors may differ when viewed with different displays. Physical sample to be used as color reference.
  • Note: Not all digital CMF samples are provided as physical samples.


Physical sample order / pre-order

  • The purchase decision, whether order or pre-order, is binding. Shipment cancellations or returns are not accepted.
  • You must acknowledge Omuus is not liable of the third-party material technology supplier sample production lead times.



  1. IPR
  • You acknowledge that Omuus own all IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) of the Service.
  • The term "Intellectual Property Rights" refers to the legal rights granted with the aim to protect the creations of the intellect. These rights include Industrial Property Rights (e.g. patents, industrial designs and trademarks) and Copyright (right of the author or creator) and Related Rights (rights of the performers, producers and broadcasting organisations).
  • With the purchase of the Service, we grant to you a limited personal licence to use the Service and the Content only for the inspiration and reference purpose.
  • We may insert or apply any applicable copyright, trade mark or other Intellectual Property Rights and other marks and notices to or on the Service or the Content and you shall not remove, erase, obstruct, change or object to any of the same. If you want to use the Content as a source in accordance with these Terms of Use, always accredit the source by displaying a statement of accreditation and disclaimer in the following form:7SEC CMF FUTURES by Omuus Ltd.
  • Copying, downloading, modification, redistribution or otherwise transmitting any information or data of the Service is not permitted. 
  • The Content is forbidden to be reproduced, modified, make derivative works of or made available to any third party except in the manner permitted in accordance with these Terms of Use and you undertake to take all necessary steps to prevent access to the Service and the Content by any person except by you.
  • If you notice any wrongful use of the Service, the Content or the Intellectual Property Rights in any way, please inform us 7sec@7sec-cmf.com.
  • Physical samples may contain and/or embody copyrighted material, trade secrets, patented inventions and/or other proprietary material and intellectual property of third-party material suppliers. All such ownership rights remain with the third-parties.
  • The purchase of the Service does not grant the purchaser license or any other right for the third-party materials; samples, information or visualizations.


  1. Limitation of liability
  • Since the Service and the Content is purely for inspiration and reference purposes only, we accept no liability for any business interruption, loss of profit, loss of business, or loss of business opportunity or delays of any kind.


  1. Pricing
  • Omuus reserves the rights to the Service pricing.


  1. Changes and transfer of rights
  • We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use. Any amendments will be notified on the website or via newsletter.
  • We reserve the right to transfer our rights and obligations under these Terms of Use to another organisation, this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms of Use.


  1. No Waiver
  • In the case of delayed or failed exercise of right by us under the Terms of Use, it will not give a waiver, or in any way modify or diminish our rights under the Terms of Use.


  1. Governing Law
  • These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Finnish law.