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UTOPIA Collection 1

Collection is based on OMUUS Material Library of more than 12.000 material samples from over 450 global suppliers. Created with future focus on the bio-materials, hygiene and safety along with curated CMF palette to stand out from the crowded market place to fit the industry and consumer appeal.
Materials in the collection: 


  • C: pure grey
  • M: Biocomposite
  • F: satin

Thermo conductive plastic

  • C: pure white
  • M: Thermoconductive plastic
  • F: cold to touch

Bio composite with linen

  • C: grey
  • M: Bio composite with linen
  • F: satin with fabric texture

CMF Model:

  • C: yellow inside translucent white
  • M: Silicone material, potentially done with biocomposite
  • F: satin with gloss texture

CMF Model 2:

  • C: metallic turquoise
  • M: back printed bio based plastic
  • F: polished, metallic

Bio based plastic:

  • C: clear
  • M: bio based plastic
  • F: polished, glass like plastic

Vendor: 7SEC.

UTOPIA Collection 1